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In Creature College you play the part of a brilliant young student at the University of Aldebaran for Gifted Youngsters. Take a look below at the pictures taken straight from our student's year books!

Mutated Cuddly Pet Creator

Ninja Creature Kidnapper

Adventurer and Jungle Diva

Played with His Own DNA

Creator of Glow in the Dark Fruit Juice

Wonderkid Genius


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You can download the full .pdf rule book for Creature College from the Board Game Geek website; Creature College Rules Download.


There are 54 cards in a Creature College Creature deck. There are also two of each type of creature which means we have a total of 27 different creature cards. These have been recently expanded with our fabulous stretch goal cards for our Kickstarter


This set of play through videos should help get you started!


To win the coveted Creature College Cup you must collect more victory points than your opponents. Victory points can be won by collecting creatures, completing missions, building your research lab and smacking down your enemies! Creature College is played in 3 university terms, Spring, Autumn and Winter. Each term consists of 3 bidding rounds and 1 battle round. At the end of 12 rounds the game is over and you count up the victory points. The player with the highest number of victory points at the end of the game is the winner.

To start the game every player takes a player mat, a set of biding tokens and playing pieces in their colour. Three ability cards are then dealt to each player from which they can choose one. The ability cards allow them to personalise their player a little. The ability card sits face up in the space provided on the player mat. They then take three missions and again choose one. The missions come in 15,20 and 25 VP types and show a set of cards the player must collect to complete the mission. The mission card sits face down in the space provided on the player mat.

In the bidding round a number of creature cards are laid face up in the play area (determined by number of players). The players bid in player order (determined by who bid highest in the previous bidding round) if someone is outbid they have to move to a different creature card. Once all bidding has been completed the players roll two dice and either take research lab cards to fill their research lab slots or battle cards to help them in battle. If Kevin the Giga-Pig has turned up during the bidding phase all players must now try and battle Kevin. After three bidding rounds there is a battle round. In player order players now fight the players either side of them by choosing one or more cards in a single suit, tapping the card (by turning it 90 degrees) and choosing to fight right or left players first. Battle cards may be added in each battle separately and if the attacking player wins they gets green gems and red gems if they lose.



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"I really enjoyed it, there's a lot of fun and laughs to be had with Creature College."

Lance Myxter, Undead Viking Videos

"It's a heck of a lot of fun, the art work is beautiful!"

Come and take a look at the contents of the game with us.

Nick Meenachan, Board Game Brawl

"It (Creature College) just has a lot going for it so that it's going to be very accessible to casual gamers, hardcore gamers and families who just want a good time but want something with more depth and strategy than your typical mass market family weight games."

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Jay Howitt, Breacher18

"Everything in this game is leaking with quality, the artwork, the box insert, the components, the rules booklet, as I mentioned in the earlier part, this is the nicest Kickstarter prototype I have ever gotten and I've done about 110 of these things. And I'm assuming it's even going to bump up in quality when it gets to you guys."

Bower's Game Corner Previews Creature College